Happy Holidays from all of us at Affordable Locksmith of Texas! We love this time of year and are looking forward to celebrating with our families in Spring. Even though Christmas is a wonderful time of year full of twinkle lights and mistletoe, sometimes our holiday season and celebrations can look more like Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation than It’s A Wonderful Life. Unfortunately, that is the reality of it. However, when your crazy Uncle Eddy shows up and your favorite recliner is light on fire by the cat and all other chaos has ensued, know that your local locksmith is there for you.

Stay tuned to learn about what we can help you with when things don’t go according to plan this holiday season and visit our website to contact our Spring locksmiths!

3 Christmas Disasters Your Locksmith Can Help You Through

As locksmiths serving the Spring area, we don’t wear a cape. However, with our response time — 15 minutes or less — and the help we can provide, we really should and here’s why.

When You’re Locked Out

When you’re trying to get the turkey in the oven, keep your children from killing one another, and Grandma out of the fruitcake, it is easy to lose your mind and forget things. You may misplace certain items, walk out the door without your keys, or even lose your house key. Never fear! If you are locked out, simply call your local locksmith. We can open your door and even replace your key. We can provide access to your home, your car, and even your business!  

When Your Key Is Lost

If the relatives have come to stay for the holidays, it is easy to lose your keys and maybe, even for a minute, your sanity. You may lose them due to simply misplacing them in the chaos of preparation or they may become a play thing for an unsupervised child or pet. You could even lose it while out grabbing the coveted Honey Ham. Even if the worst-of-the-worst happens and you do indeed lose your key, just call us. We can easily create a new key from an existing key or even when you no longer have the key. We can provide a new key for your home and business, as well as your car — no need to call the dealership!

When Your Door is Broken

If for some reason your door is broken, as a result of your son and his cousins rough-housing or another disaster, and the door itself is in need of repair, we can’t help you. However, if it’s the lock that is broken or even if you need a new lock installed in a new door, we can help! We offer rekeying services and can also replace the locks in your home!

Have another issue that arises that we haven’t talked about? Call us! We may be able to help. However, if we can’t, we will do our best to point you in the right direction. We hope your holiday goes smoothly, but if not, our locksmiths are here for you nonetheless.