Welcome back to the Affordable Locksmith of Texas blog! Fall has come and the holidays are here to stay. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas on the horizon, you may already be thinking about the logistics of hosting a house full of relatives. You may already be planning who will sleep where, wondering who you will give house keys to, and how you will keep your home from erupting into chaos. We can’t necessarily help you with your relatives, but we can provide you convenience through the installation of keyless entry.

What Is Keyless Entry?

A keyless access system allows you to lock and unlock your door using a digital system. Most keyless systems have a keypad; you use the keypad to enter a code that will unlock your door. To lock your door, many systems will have you enter the code or you can simply touch a lock button. Some keyless access systems can be linked to WiFi and a home automation system means that you can unlock and lock your door from an app on your phone. An electronic access system used to be reserved mainly for business use, but is growing in popularity with homeowners in the Spring area.

4 Benefits of Keyless Entry  

Keyless entry provides convenience and can relieve a lot of headaches that you experience all year round and especially during the holiday season.

Ease of Access

If you have multiple relatives staying in your home, you may be scratching your head wondering who to give a key to and how you will get them back. Instead of fussing with keys, if you install a keyless system, you can simply give your relatives a code to get into your home. If you’re worried about your nosy mother-in-law coming in whenever she pleases using the code, you can change it once the holidays are over!

No Lost Keys

It can be an unnecessary investment to make multiple copies of your house key for your relatives who might just lose it anyway. With keyless entry, don’t worry about lost keys and can change the code to your home whenever you want.

Keep That Door Locked

Living in friendly Spring, Texas and the spirit of the holidays can make one think that everyone has good intentions. However, that isn’t always the case. Many homes are broken into during the holidays by a thief looking to make easy money selling electronics and jewelry. It may seem like a fine idea to leave your door unlocked so your relatives can come and go as they please, but this could make you an easy target for a holiday break in.

Less of A Headache

Keeping track of keys or coordinating your schedule to the needs of every relative flying into town can be stressful and frustrating. Relieve the stress and install keyless entry. Those staying in your home can come and go as they please and you can keep your sanity this holiday season.

Ready to Learn More?

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