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How Do I Avoid the Scammers?

There are all kinds of scams out there. We have all probably received the email from the rich Nigerian prince who — out of the millions of people in the world — wants to give us an inheritance. We have all been called multiple times from suspicious numbers . . . if there is a way to scam people, it’s probably been tried and has unfortunately duped some people. Because it seems like there is someone out to cheat or steal from us, it can be anxiety-inducing then when you need to call security services for your home.

Locksmith Scams

Unfortunately, scammers have infiltrated the locksmith trade and appear like legitimate businesses. Not to scare you, but locksmith scammers, if they get your information may try to steal from you, overcharge you, or worse. If you call for a locksmith and they do any of the following things, they may be a scam:

They Don’t Have a Company Name

If you visit the website of a particular company and they don’t have a name or their name is just a generic geographic area name, then go find someone else! They may disguise themselves as “Best Texas Locksmith” or “Reliable Boston Locksmiths.”

They Never Mention Their Name

If you call a locksmith company and they don’t mention their name, then you may be speaking with a scammer. When you call any other business, they normally answer the phone with their business name, because they have nothing to hide. When you call your local locksmith they should answer the phone with their business name, too.

You Get Transferred Multiple Times  

If you call a “locksmith” and you get transferred multiple times then you may be talking to someone posing as your trusty local locksmith. If you talk to more than a couple people then hang up the phone.

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