Hello and welcome back to the Affordable Locksmith of Texas blog. Our locksmiths are happy to wish you a Happy May the Fourth! On this day of celebrating all things Star Wars, our thoughts turn to the Death Star and how it could’ve had better security — not that we are a fan of the Dark Side by any means — but one little chink in the Death Star’s armor and the whole thing came proverbially tumbling down. All it took was one shot in the right spot and the Dark Side was defeated.

With the demise of the Dark Side in mind, we must ask, “are there any chinks in your armor where a well trained Jedi,  thief, or vandal could make their way in? Today, we are going to go over security tricks and tips to keep your homebase in Spring safe.

Do Your Locks Actually Work?

Broken locks and ones that were installed incorrectly are just as bad as not locking your door. For example, deadbolts are very reliable means of security, but if the place where the bolt inserts into the door isn’t long enough and the bolt can’t extend the full length that it is supposed to, your lock isn’t as secure as it should be.

Do You Know Who Has Keys?

If you have had multiple babysitters, nannies, cleaning crew, or brought a pre-owned home, chances are that someone has a copy of your key. In most cases, those who gave a copy of your key to, don’t have malicious intent, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Rekey your locks to make sure that you know who exactly who has a copy of your keys or install an electronic locking system. This type of system can be an incredible asset when you may often give temporary access to Airbnb-ers.

Are All Points of Access Secured?

If you do have a locking system on your door that you can rely on, it’s easy to assume that you are safe and sound. Most break-ins are opportunistic and thieves or vandals are looking for an easy access point. An open or unlocked window, window well, or broken door can be just the thing that gives an unsavory person — or the Rebellion — the idea to break-in. Install working locks on all of your doors and windows and be sure to check all possible points of access to make sure that there isn’t even the slightest possibility of someone breaking in — or flying their fighter ship in and blowing up your home base in Spring.

Are You Giving Them an Opportunity or Incentive?

You also need to make sure that you aren’t giving them an opportunity to break-in. Trimming all brushes away from the house will give them fewer areas to hide and lighting your property with motion sensor lighting can scare away anyone who you don’t want lingering around your place. Also, don’t advertise that you are going on vacation. Don’t post on social media about your upcoming vacation and pack your car as discreetly as possible. If you have expensive electronics or other valuables, don’t leave them by an open window; you are essentially showing someone that your home is a prime target.

To conclude,we turn to the Sand People. Whenever are heros were in the territory of the Sand People they were on high alert because they knew that these barbaric people had it all together when it came to keeping people, droids, Jedis out of their cave and out of their lives. Be more like the Sand People — be alert! Don’t be like the Empire and lose it all with one little security slip-up.

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If you want to improve your security around your home or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the locksmiths at Affordable Locksmith of Texas. Like the Force, we are always here to guide you and help you when you need us. Contact us for all your needs in Spring and May the Fourth be with you!